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Sports Car Transmission Repair and Rebuild Services in Fort Collins

If you’re considering a transmission repair — or even a complete transmission rebuild — for your European sports car, you want it in expert hands. This isn’t something you can trust to an inexperienced mechanic.

We’d love to take a look at your car and talk about what we can do. Give us a ring at (970) 229-0990 and let us know what you’re thinking.

High-performance transmissions rebuild, repair, and installation

One of our flagship services here at Poudre Sports Car in Fort Collins is transmission repairs and rebuilds. We handle high-performance, manual, and automatic transmission issues all the time, from routine maintenance and servicing to more intensive repairs and rebuilding.

Our Sports Car Transmission Services

1. Automatic Transmission Repair

2. Manual Transmission Repair

3. Servicing for Antique Transmissions

4. Transmission Full Rebuild Services

5. Sports Car Transmission Maintenance

6. Sports Car Transmission Rebuild

7. Sports Car Transmission Installation

8. Sports Car Clutch Repair

9. Torque Converter Replacement

Benefits of a high-performance transmission rebuild for your sports car

Why do drivers start thinking about a high-performance transmission rebuild? Well, your car’s transmission is a crucial element of the way your car drives; if it’s not working smoothly, your engine’s power will go to waste and your car’s responsiveness will suffer.

When the transmission is working smoothly, your car can reach its true potential.

A few potential benefits for transmission repairs or rebuilds:

  • Lower AOT (average operating temperatures)
  • Improved transmission longevity and durability
  • Restoration of lost power
  • Faster acceleration
  • Improved shift quality

We work with all types of transmission system repairs and replacements, including automatic transmissions, manual transmissions, and even specialty antique transmissions.


What’s included in a sports car transmission service?

It’s natural to be nervous when you bring your prized European sports car in for such a major service. Trust us, we get it. But rest easy: your car’s in good hands.

When you bring your car in for transmission repairs or servicing, our technicians start by removing and disassembling the vehicle’s transmission. That means taking it out, taking it apart, and inspecting each part for signs of damage.
Next up, we clean each part with a special cleaning solution. This chemical cleaning ensures that no grime is stuck on parts and interfering with their operation.

If you have parts that need replacing, we will get them swapped out. We can replace the bands, clutches, seals, gaskets, or anything else that’s worn with new or reconstructed parts. If any electrical parts are in need of repair, we’ll take care of those, too.

Finally, we check for any updates from your sports car’s manufacturer. If they’ve released information on design flaws or recommended modifications, we’ll get those taken care of. We’ll update parts that can improve your transmission’s performance and longevity.

When we’re done, everything is put back together and tested to ensure your car’s transmission is running more smoothly than ever.

Signs you may need a transmission rebuild or repair

Thinking you may need a transmission rebuild? Wondering if you have transmission parts in need of replacement? Having trouble with your automatic or manual transmission?
Here are a few common warning signs of transmission problems:

  • Burning smell
  • Gear shift issues
  • Leaking transmission fluid (especially if it has a darker, reddish color)
  • Check engine light comes on (especially combined with another one of these symptoms)
  • Odd clumping sounds
  • Whirring sounds
  • Vibrations that shouldn’t be there
  • Gear shift issues or trouble when shifting gears
  • Constant slipping from one gear to another

Of course, sports cars are complex machines. Leaking transmission fluid, for example, can be caused by a variety of problems, all with different solutions. A list of symptoms can clue you into a potential problem… but just like WebMD isn’t a substitute for seeing a doctor, this list isn’t meant to replace having your car checked out by a knowledgeable, experienced mechanic.
If your European sports car is experiencing any of the above possible transmission problems, give us a call at (970) 229-0990. We can take a look, accurately diagnose the problem, and recommend the least invasive solution to the problem.

Sports Car Transmission Repair and Rebuild Services in Fort Collins

Close ratio vs. wide ratio transmissions

Thinking about close ratio transmissions vs. wide ratio transmissions? Wondering which would be the best transmission upgrade for your sports car? In short, wide ratio transmissions are more suited to street driving, while close ratio transmissions keep RPMs high for improved racing performance.

Of course, there are a huge number of factors that affect that simple explanation. Your car’s engine, power band, torque converter, and more all play a big role in how the close ratio or wide ratio is going to perform. Also, the definitions of “close” and “wide” are subjective; there’s a lot of room for variation within that spectrum.

Give us a call if you’re thinking about change. We can dive deep into your specific sports car, your driving style, and the best transmission rebuild options for you.

Call Us for Transmission Repair and Rebuilds

When your prized vehicle’s transmission needs attention (or you suspect you might need a whole new transmission), call the European sports car experts. We’ll give your car the care and attention it deserves.