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Fort Collins Volkswagen Mechanic and Repair

While other sports car companies may focus on shocking aesthetics and untouchable horsepower, Volkswagen brings true sports car performance into the mainstream.

That’s not to say Volkswagen doesn’t push the boundaries every once in a while, if you’re a VW purist, you might have a Karmann Ghia or a Scirocco–both of which were fascinating and powerful innovations in their time.

So, whether you prefer handling over horsepower or simply appreciate high-performance in a commuter-friendly package, we’ll keep your VW fighting fit.

Bring Your Sports Car to Our Volkswagen Repair Specialist

Fort Collins Volkswagen Mechanic and Repair

We know how crucial repairs and regular tune-ups are for the day-to-day performance of your sports car. We go the extra mile so you can too (on the road, of course). Whether you like to keep things stock or get a little wild under the hood, we have the tools and tricks of the trade to keep you cruising.

Automotive Repair for All Volkswagen Models

When you end up needing automotive repair for your VW, bring it into Poudre Sports Car. We have the knowledge, experience, and facilities to give your car the best service it’s ever had.

You should also bring your car in if you need a tune-up or just want to get the most out of your sports car. We know VW owners sometimes like to push the limits, and we support that.

Out of all the Volkswagen repair shops in Fort Collins, how do you choose the right one?

We know it can be hard to trust someone else with your sports car. Since we think our specialized professionals are the best, we let our work speak for us.

It’s a given, you want whoever is working on your car to treat it like their own. But you also want people to be friendly, straightforward, and honest about expectations and cost. You’ll get all of that and more when you bring your sports car to Poudre Sports Car!

Fort Collins Volkswagen Mechanic and Repair